How to Sail off the Chart with Confidence Using Satellite Imagery

How to Sail off the Chart with Confidence Using Satellite Imagery by Rory Garland s/v Streetcar Google Earth Navigation on OpenCPN Charts Use a range of techniques to navigate safely in far-flung places that have poor chart coverage. Rory’s article, published in Yachting World magazine, highlights the usefulness of satellite imagery overlays and how to […]

Make Charts on Google Earth with GE2KAP

Make Charts on Google Earth with GE2KAP Paul Higgins and his trusty sidekick Whitey authored the program GE2KAP.  This free software allows you to make charts with Google Earth overlays.  The result is an amazing combination of photo-real land detail and waterways that are navigation charts. GE2KAP is not an OpenCPN plugin. This is a […]

How to Make Navigation Safer Using Satellite Images

How to Make Navigation Safer Using Satellite Images by Chris Beeson Cruisers find unexpected benefits of satellite images overlaid on OpenCPN. Yachting Monthly magazine published an extensive article explaining why sat overlays can be helpful and how to implement them onto your charts. “Google Earth was never designed to be used as a primary navigation […]

ChartStick a Portable Package of Charts

ChartStick a Portable Package of UKHO/SHOM Charts ChartStick is a unique and inexpensive way to purchase licensed BSB chart packages. VisitMyHarbour provides raster charts derived from Official British or SHOM charts and licensed by UKHO/SHOM.VMH has ChartSticks for OpenCPN. Please note, they’re compatible with Windows only; not Mac, Linux, Android, etc. “Instead of locking the […]