OpenCPN Unleashed on SSCA

OpenCPN Unleashed on SSCA by Dave Register OpenCPN Unleashed Seminar SSCA Gam Melbourne, FL  11 Nov 2016 First, I would like to thank the Seven Seas Cruising Association for the opportunity to speak at this year’s gam. The OpenCPN Unleashed seminar was well attended. The presentation began with an introduction to OpenCPN, then covered highlights […]

Lough Corrib’s Ancient Maritime Past

Discovering Lough Corrib’s Ancient Maritime Past Vikings and Bronze Age Heritage in Ireland Trevor Northage has spent years uncovering the secrets that lay beneath the silt.  Surveying and charting Ireland’s second largest body of water, has been a labor of love. The lake has been preserving an amazing amount of history. Over 40 ancient wrecks […]

Commercial Traffic Zones and What the Lights Mean

Commercial Traffic Zones and What the Lights Mean by Roz Butziger Green and Purple Shapes on my OpenCPN Charts Those are Traffic Separation Zones.  They can be rather confusing if you’re not familiar with them. Roz Butziger, of the Warwick Beacon, describes the traffic lanes found on some charts and how to navigate them. She […]

Getting the Most out of OpenCPN

Getting the Most out of OpenCPN by Sherry McCampbell s/v Soggy Paws Sherry created an excellent pdf presentation on the fundamentals of OpenCPN.  Its a fairly detailed document which explains everything necessary to get started. Sherry’s presentation is thorough and is easily understood by anyone.  Rich with diagrams and images, which makes it a breeze […]

OpenCPN Chosen for USPS Boating Education

OpenCPN Chosen for USPS Boating Education The United States Power Squadrons® is the world’s largest recreational boating organization with more than 35,000 members. We’re honored USPS chose OpenCPN for their piloting and advanced piloting educational courses. Here’s some of their thoughts on OpenCPN. “OpenCPN is an advanced marine navigation program, available to both the recreational […]