New Vector Charts for OpenCPN

New Vector Charts for OpenCPN

Hubert Kleis, Renate Rossner;

oeSENC Charts are Now Supported by OpenCPN 4.6 and Up

Overview of oeSENC Chart Areas.  Watch for more coverage coming soon.

A Chart Plotter Without Charts Resembles a Fish out of Water

Up-to-date and affordable quality charts are fresh water for OpenCPN

oeSENC vector chart sets are now available from the same channel as the S-63 UserPermits:

 oeSENC Plugin for OpenCPN provides support for encrypted OCPN Vector Charts. These are licensed and sourced from chart providers like Hydrographic Offices.   These – non free – charts must be installed with appropriate encryption certificates in place.

“Chart sets are packaged, produced and licensed for an individual system or PC… Windows, Linux (Intel and ARM) and macOS.”

“Three years ago we started to close the availability gap by deploying the S-63 plugin in order to get access to official charts from chart providers all over the world.  This successful experience encouraged us to look further into providing up-to-date and quality charts for OpenCPN and keep the overhead as low as possible.”

“The OpenCPN plugin for POIs, sQuiddio, can be used simultaneously to enhance pleasure craft experience too.”

About the oeSENC plugin

Learn more via

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