Overlay GRIB Data on Satellite Images in OpenCPN

Overlay GRIB Data on Satellite Images in OpenCPN

by Chris “Tweed” Harris s/v Morgane

“I receive NOAA APT weather satellite images which are quite useful when used alone but with GRIB wind and rain data overlaid they can be very useful in checking the validity of the GRIB model’s forecast.”

Image by Chris Harris tweedsworld.com

Chris Harris’s article demonstrates all the necessary steps to successfully display your GRIB overlay on a satellite image.

You’ll learn:

  • Which hardware to use

  • How to receive weather satellite images

  • How to display images in the Mercator projection

  • How to import your images into OpenCPN using the WeatherFax plugin

“This brief How-To illustrates my method of importing the weather satellite images into OpenCPN and overlaying GRIB data on top of the satellite image.  To be able to follow these instructions you will need…”

Read more at tweedsworld.com

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