How to Sail off the Chart with Confidence Using Satellite Imagery

How to Sail off the Chart with Confidence Using Satellite Imagery

by Rory Garland s/v Streetcar

Google Earth Navigation on OpenCPN Charts

Use a range of techniques to navigate safely in far-flung places that have poor chart coverage.

Electronic chart with Google Earth overlay in OpenCPN, showing our tracks in and out of a well-known Fiji anchorage. *

Rory’s article, published in Yachting World magazine, highlights the usefulness of satellite imagery overlays and how to make it work.  He suggests using the following programs for navigation:

Google Earth
SAS Planet

“Cruising in remote tropical regions can be challenging, especially where there are no charts suitable for pilotage.  Often the charts that do exist are old and inaccurate.  To make matters worse, coral can grow surprisingly fast and what was a clear channel 20 years ago might now have coral heads just below the surface.”

“In these situations the navigator needs to piece together every available bit of information in advance …”

Read more via Yachting World (Jan 1, 2016)

*  Photo by Rory Garland


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