OpenCPN Unleashed on SSCA

OpenCPN Unleashed on SSCA

by Dave Register

OpenCPN Unleashed Seminar

SSCA Gam Melbourne, FL  11 Nov 2016

Photo by Jim Austin

First, I would like to thank the Seven Seas Cruising Association for the opportunity to speak at this year’s gam. The OpenCPN Unleashed seminar was well attended.

The presentation began with an introduction to OpenCPN, then covered highlights of the standard tools and functions found in the program. The wrap-up included an overall summary and a lively Question and Answer session.


Cruisers in attendance asked if the screen slide show would be made available online.  Sure!  If you would like to view the slide show or download it, there are two options available:

OpenCPN Unleashed

  1. As a pdf file suitable for printing (about 11 mb)

  2. As a slide show (about 30 mb)

Note: Two slides show this symbol replacing the original animations that wouldn’t transfer properly. Oh well.nonanimate


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