New Orleans USPS Reviews OpenCPN

New Orleans USPS Reviews  OpenCPN

A Cruiser’s Review of OpenCPN Electronic Navigation Software

by Lee Longstreet, m/v Calliope, New Orleans Power Squadron

In my opinion, OpenCPN has reached prime time status

“The whole process of looking for an inexpensive navigation program began in 2008 with the realization that AIS was indeed a very desirable safety tool.

“After researching options for nav programs with AIS, I tried a free program called OpenCPN.”


“I kept following OpenCPN for about a year, and with each update, it just kept getting better. I posted my problems to their forum and the core programmer contacted me.  Within a week, he had modified the OpenCPN software and all my problems were fixed.”

“I feel I have an electronic navigation system with autopilot and AIS that competes with the best of the commercial….

Keep reading via Topside Talk Aug/Sep 2015 – Official Publication of New Orleans Power Squadron


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