Getting the Most out of OpenCPN

Getting the Most out of OpenCPN

by Sherry McCampbell s/v Soggy Paws

Sherry created an excellent pdf presentation on the fundamentals of OpenCPN.  Its a fairly detailed document which explains everything necessary to get started.


Sherry’s presentation is thorough and is easily understood by anyone.  Rich with diagrams and images, which makes it a breeze to follow.  A lot of thought went into this.  Sherry expertly guides you through all aspects of:

Chart management

Setting up GPS and AIS

How to make and use Routes, Tracks, and Waypoints

The importance of layers and why you’ll want to use them

How to load plugins

And an overview on the OpenCPN Android App *

We recommend this presentation to anyone needing a solid introduction to OpenCPN and its basic functions.  It also makes a great refresher course.

Presentation via svsoggypaws “Getting the Most out of OpenCPN

OpenCPN App for Android is a premium App.  Your purchase includes free upgrades whenever available.  Support forum.

* Non-buyers,
Contact whoever you downloaded your app from for its support.

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