On the Raspberry Pi2 with dAISy

On the Raspberry Pi2 with dAISy

How to set up and run OpenCPN on the Raspberry Pi with AIS.

by Matt K.A. Brown – m/v C:\[ESC]

The advantage of running OpenCPN on the Raspberry Pi, is better performance with much lower power requirements. You’re creating a designated chart plotter.

“However, I did add a new feature to the installation, and one that I am extraordinarily happy with — the ability to receive AIS data on OpenCPN running on a Raspberry Pi 2!”


 “In order to read AIS messages, I purchased a demo board of a product called dAISy designed by Adrian Studer. I’ve had the board in my hands for a few months, but as always work and life gets in the way of projects such as this. This past weekend I sailed my boat the 35nm or so from Tacoma to Poulsbo and had a few hours to play around with the chartplotter AND dAISy in an environment where the messages could be received. In short, it worked exceptionally well, and you can see the very first AIS contact that was picked up by the system just as we exited the north end of Colvos Passage in the photo above.”*

Matt provides instruction for Raspberry Pi installation, how to compile OpenCPN, and how to connect the dAISy.

Read more via m/v C:\[ESC] The Journey’s The Thing

*  Photo by Matt K.A. Brown

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