Practical Sailor Reviewed OpenCPN 3.2 Mac

Practical Sailor Reviewed OpenCPN 3.2 for Mac

Today’s trip down Memory Lake returns to an article by Practical Sailor from July 2013.


Practical Sailor Sea Trialed and Evaluated OpenCPN 3.2 for Mac and three other navigation systems at the same time.

Here’s part of their review about OpenCPN for Mac.

“There were a number of other things about the program [OpenCPN 3.2 for Mac] that testers really liked. The transparent toolbar is good, automatically becoming visible when you mouse over and becoming mostly transparent when the mouse is elsewhere on the screen. Another notable feature was that across the bottom of the screen, there are small buttons representing all the charts available for the area you are in. Raster charts are represented by blue buttons, and vector charts by green buttons. You can see info on the chart by mousing over the button. Once you choose a chart, you can zoom in or out using the toolbar.

“The routing function—using the mouse click to create route points—was the best of the four programs that we evaluated…”

See the full report of all four navigation systems reviewed via Practical Sailor July 2013

The current version of OpenCPN is 4.2.


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