ChartStick a Portable Package of Charts

ChartStick a Portable Package of UKHO/SHOM Charts

ChartStick is a unique and inexpensive way to purchase licensed BSB chart packages.chartstick

VisitMyHarbour provides raster charts derived from Official British or SHOM charts and licensed by UKHO/SHOM.VMH has ChartSticks for OpenCPN. Please note, they’re compatible with Windows only; not Mac, Linux, Android, etc.

“Instead of locking the copyright chart content to the hard drive of one or two machines, the charts are on the dongle and locked to it.”

  • Portable between Windows laptops/desktops (inc Windows 8.1 and 10 Tablets) Use on multiple machines. Charts don’t expire.
  • Subsequent uploads with new editions (if required) are inexpensive, so there’s no excuse not to have up-to-date charts.
  • Charts work with OpenCPN (free) and PolarNavy (cheap) and Expedition.

Using a USB connection these charts are fast (only marginally slower than a fully installed system).

Learn more via

We believe this post may be of interest to OpenCPN users.
We’re only sharing information. OpenCPN-the Blog does not sell ChartSticks nor make profit from them.



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